Programs and tuition!

10% sibling discount can be applied for 2nd child (oldest child)

Afternoon programs:

8:20 AM to 12:20 PM. 2 – 5 days per week.

She would be in the program called Estrellitas Azules. It is designed to help children develop and explore psychomotor milestones at a young age. Our curriculum and activities aim to empower them by expanding their fine and gross motor skills, which completely change how they experience the world around them, and provide them with options that allow them to grow and express their creativity and imagination. In doing this, we ensure they will be ready for the following programs.

Learning areas:

  • Psychomotor skills: activities that work on strengths, hand-eye coordination, and corporal expression. These include but aren’t limited to: dancing, yoga, exercise, tracing, coloring, painting, and manual games.
  • Free play: a variety of toys and books will be available for them to interact with.
  • Guided play: games and activities that encourage them to play cooperatively and interact.
  • Social and emotional learning: we work on ways to identify and express our emotions through age-appropriate activities and simple mindfulness techniques. 
  • Interactive Storytime: to allow understanding of words in context to how they are used in the real world. 


2 days per week: Monday / Wednesday or Tuesday / Thursday – $594.00/month

3 days per week: Monday / Wednesday / Friday- $866.00 /month

4 days per week: Monday to Thursday – $1,138.00/month

5 days per week: Monday to Friday – $1,410.00/month

Morning programs:

8:15 am – 12:15 pm. 2 – 5 days per week.

The magic years, from 3 to 4 years old, is a time in which fantasy and imagination dominate the world of children. During this time, children will also mature in many areas including physical, motor and social skills. This program is designed specifically to strengthen these skills in a Spanish Immersion setting. During this program, they will begin to recognize letter sounds and associate them with words, as well as pre-math skills.

Learning areas:

  • Thick motor skills: Throw and kick a ball, catch objects with both hands, keep balance with one foot, alternate feet, etc. 
  • Fine motor skills: Activities such as opening the faucet and washing their hands, building towers, practicing using brooches and zippers, and holding utensils and crayons.
  • Creative arts: Manual crafts and art using different types of materials and resources, music, dancing, yoga, and free imagination.
  • Cognitive development: Development of multidisciplinary skills. Small cognitive games, puzzles, riddles, sequences, and guessing games.
  • Pre-Mathematics: classify, count, discriminate objects, and recognize numbers and geometric shapes.
  • Pre-Writing begins to write and recognize letters and their sound, associating sounds to words, writing strokes, and patterns.
  • Science: develop curiosity and attention to the physical world through observation and experimentation with the environment.
  • Gardening: learn about the natural environment, our interconnection with it, and our responsibility through planting, watering, and general care of plants in an organic garden setting.
  • Pre-Class Activities: storytime, free imaginative play.

Social and emotional learning: we work on ways to identify and express our emotions through age-appropriate activities and simple mindfulness techniques.

Tuition: 2 days per week: Monday / Wednesday or Tuesday / Thursday – $594.00/month

3 days per week: Monday / Wednesday / Friday- $866.00 /month

4 days per week: Monday to Thursday – $1,138.00/month

5 days per week: Monday to Friday – $1,410.00/month

In this phase, children have a more sophisticated development of their fine motor skills and a longer attention span. Their curiosity and understanding start to shift and they can grasp abstract concepts and begin to read and write. They can have short conversations in Spanish. They can learn to add and subtract numbers from 1 to 100 in Spanish. This is the last preschool phase of the program: children are prepared to successfully enter a dual-language kindergarten. 

Learning areas:

Reading: Reading words and short sentences.

Writing: How to write their names along with other words and short sentences.

Math: Recognize numbers up to 100, add, subtract, and basic math reasoning

Fine Arts: Create art projects with tools such as paintbrushes, crayons, markers, scissors, and other craft objects to follow directions and create their own designs. 

Science: Experimentation and observation are further developed with projects that make use of microscopes, measurement, plant and animal observation, and introduction to the hypothesis.  


2 days per week: Monday / Wednesday or Tuesday / Thursday – $594.00/month

3 days per week: Monday / Wednesday / Friday- $866.00 /month

4 days per week: Monday to Thursday – $1,138.00/month

5 days per week: Monday to Friday – $1,410.00/month

Our after-school program is designed for children to maintain and strengthen their knowledge of the Spanish language. In this program, the children will further develop their Spanish vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar. In addition to that, we have a weekly theme where we learn about Latin American culture, geography, history, and beyond, all adapted for each student’s level and individual learning needs.

Classes run from 4:00 – 5:45 pm

Tuition: Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday –


Our summer camps offer weekly themes; we do yoga, Science, Cooking, and
Zumba. Besides that, we offer kids the opportunities to learn and practice
Spanish thru singing songs, playing games, working on projects, and
outside recreational activities. This is an excellent opportunity for children
to learn Spanish while having fun inside and outside the classroom.

Children between 4 and 10 years old will experience a fun and personalized Spanish immersion! You can choose the week that suits you best.

4 to 10 years old.
From 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Weekly Themes:
-Art Club ——————-Week of July 3 to July 7
-Carpentry Club ————Week of July 17 to July 21
-Pearler beads club ———Week of July 24 to July 28
-Pottery club —————–Week of July 31 to August 4
-String art club —————Week of August 7 to August 11
-Painting club —————-Week of August 14 to August 18
-Origami club —————-Week of August 21 to August 25

Weekly Prices:
-Two days: ———$270.00
-Three days——–$355.00
-Four days———-$440.00
-Five days———-$525.00

The school provides snacks, lunch is required.